Who we are

New Age has been extruding ALUMINUM since 1966. We extrude over 4 million pounds of billet and bend over 2 million pounds of sheet material each year. We use only primary aluminum which will never rust. Located in Norton, Kansas USA, we can build to fit any size the customer needs.

How We Work!

New Age is an ALUMINUM extruder and fabricator who builds CUSTOM carts, focusing on the needs of the customer. Initial discussions focus on problem solving, design, function, and efficiencies in the pick and fulfillment process. We can bring your idea that is scrawled on a napkin to life. New Age has the engineering team, extrusion capability, and manufacturing to build it.

CAD Drawings

As the process moves forward, production timeline and pricing is quoted, an on-site visit happens if required to review applications, and CAD drawings are created to show all specifications. The review and discussions are customer-driven to insure all applications are considered.


Once approved we prefer that a prototype be built, tested, and approved before final production begins.

We look forward to working with you!

Click to email us at bob@newageindustrial.com